Friday, October 07, 2005


sunny day in October, originally uploaded by SophieMuc.

Qarrtsiluni is an Inuit word that means "sitting together in darkness." A word so beautiful in both sound and meaning that it makes me wonder why we don't have words like that in our language. It also inspires me to want to learn more about the people who speak and think in terms like that.

Qarrtsiluni is also a new group blog, intended to encourage a deeper dialogue, and to "foster a greater attentiveness in reading and writing". Some of the bloggers I admire most have published poems, essays, art work and fables in that space. Today I feel gratified to enter their company with a piece about my father's death that addresses this month's theme: Change and Continuity. I hope you will follow the link and read it. I also hope that while you are there you will sit together in darkness with some of the other writers and artists as they share who they are and what they know.


rdl said...

Beautiful story, I am trying hard not to cry. As you know my father died 2 days after Thanksgiving. He was also dressed up for the day, but refused any food, he was ready too. They were 2 really strong, wonderful men.

Patry Francis said...

R: I forgot that your father also died at Thanksgiving. Another amazing thing we share.

Scot: Glad you had a chance to visit the site. There's a lot there that fits well with what I know of your philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing and for the link. My Dad's been gone seven months now, I miss him too.

Patry Francis said...

easy: Sorry to hear that. I don't think the "missing" ever totally goes away.

Anonymous said...

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