Friday, October 21, 2005


when Victoria jump up high....
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Okay, So RDL has passed me the JOY meme. That's the one in which you're supposed to scan your archives for happy words like joy, enchantment, ecstasy,and post what you find. And really, I think it's a great idea. For one thing, it makes you focus on what's good in your thoughts and in your life. It might even inspire a little reflective gratitude. And certainly the world needs more joy words, more happy words, more bliss words--not to mention more gratitude.

But despite my admiration for the premise, I'm still gonna have to cheat. Instead of listing various unconnected moments of blog ecstasy, I'm going to repeat my second post. Since I had no readers back then anyway, it's pretty much virgin territory. But mostly, I just need to remind myself.

1. There is enough ugliness and negativity in the world. This will be a blog dedicated to seeking, finding and celebrating what is good.

2. No whining. (See rule #1)

3. No depressive rants allowed. ("I'm fat" "I'm sick of my waitressing job." "No one out there in the literary world appreciates my incredible talent." "Nobody loves me." "Lots of people love me but not enough...etc.") Yeah, that's the stuff, and obviously, I'm incredibly good at producing it. But I won't. Not here. (See Rule #1)

4. Blog with joy, courage and abandon and then dammit, go out and try to live the same way. (See rule #1)

5. Okay,I lied; there really is only one rule.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to pick up the joy meme and do it legitimately or otherwise, please do! If not, maybe you could share a particularly blissful moment you encountered recently. Once again, the sign up sheet is below.


rdl said...

Nice job; I like it!

Chyrene Pendleton said...

Great blog! Joy is always my focus in everything I do. It's refreshing to see others like you practicing this powerful energy of Joy.

Anonymous said...

Well Done! :)

I'm so happy it gave us a chance to look at one of your first posts.

Anonymous said...

I love the joy theme, I love this idea, I love joy, I need joy, we all need joy!!!

MB said...

I like #5.

Mary said...

Patry, what an inspiring "mission statement" for a blog. It gave me a kick up the backside just reading it. Blog with joy, courage and abandon!! Good stuff.

(Thank you too for your comment on my blog a few days back re my mother).