Sunday, December 03, 2006

THIRD DAY BOOKS: Vote for Next Month's Selection

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Can I just say that I love the way The Third Day Book Club has flourished and mutated and grown new branches in just two short months? Much thanks are owed to Tara at Paris Parfait, who has proven to be an energetic advocate and a gracious host to this month's selection, Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell. As a result of her enthusiasm, the book club has added many new members; and the original band of readers have discovered new blogs, and gained entry to a host of new and fascinating minds--all peering into the same fictional hearts that the well-written novel makes real.

It has been gratifying to me to see the friendships that Olanna and Ugwe in Half of a Yellow Sun helped to generate, many of which have continued and deepened over the month. Books have such power!

A quote I read this week in Forbes seems like a perfect motto for our book club:

"Books are humanity in print."

--Barbara Tuchman

This month I would like to try a couple of new things. Rather than choosing the selection myself, I have taken nominations, so we all can vote for next month's choice. Most of us will then go on to read the chosen book. However, those who don't find the main selection to their taste can will read and report on one of the alternates on the third. Maybe they can even make the case why their choice was the better one.

Geez, I'm beginning to sound a little like The Literary Guild here with all this highly official talk of Main Selections and Alternates. I think that means it's time for me to get out of the way and let you cast your vote:

1. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (Recommended by Tish Cohen)


2. The Ruins by Scott Smith (Recommended by Jordan Rosenfeld)

3. The Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky (recommended by this month's host, Tara Bradford)


Everyone welcome! If you read the first, but didn't find the second appealing or have time in November, now's the time to jump back in. And if you've never read with us yet before, next month's meeting takes place in a whole new year. What better way to begin it than with a great book?

No dues, no obligations; in fact, you don't even have to get out of your pajamas! All you have to do is read!


paris parfait said...

Thank you, Patry! This has been such fun! I'm pleased that so many people are enthusiastic about Third Day. The best thing about a virtual book club is we don't have to appear at an appointed time (other than an appointed day) and don't have to dress up - yet we still get to compare notes and exchange points of view with other readers! I'm looking forward to next month's selection, whatever that may be.

tut-tut said...

I haven't read with you, so I don't know if my vote "counts," but I'd say The Suite Francaise, which got raves in the NYTimes Book Review

Anonymous said...
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Mindy Tarquini said...

I'd like to read Water for Elephants, but really, anyone of the selections is fine. I will definitely be getting a review of Winter Bone up sometime tonight, maybe really late tonight. I think I might be alone in being less than enthused, although I think the basic story is good. I'm bogging down in the mechanics!

Thanks for hosting this month, Paris. And thanks, Patry for getting this thing going.

Lorna said...

If it's not too late, I would like to vote for Suite Francaise. since I read it in a time when I actually had time, it would make things easier....and it's astonishing.

Crockhead said...

I'm not familiar with any of the nominees, so I won't vote but I look forward to participating again in reading and reporting on whatever selection is picked.

Unknown said...

I'd vote for Water for Elements.

rel said...

All three books aregood in their different ways.
Water for elephants should provide a clinic in character developement, as weel as a gripping story.
The Ruins, given the thumbs up by Stephen King is worth a read for that reason alone. That said, I'm no fan of King's genre.
The Suite Francaise appeals to my like of historical revelation.

My vote: The Suite Francaise.

I will read which ever book the majority chooses.

mai wen said...

Unfortunately I'll be in Africa January 3rd and am very doubtful I'll be able to jump on the internet for a book club post. :( But I'll be sure to jump back on board for February!! Can't wait, had fun this month!!

Becca said...

After doing a little research on Amazon regarding these selections, I'm casting a definite vote for Suite Francaise. I've always been very interested in the WWII era, and I love the concept of the "suite" of novels the author had in mind. It sounded so wonderful, I bought it already, and plan on reading it anyway, whether it's chosen or not!

Anonymous said...

Just the title alone, "Water for Elephants," intrigues me (maybe because I actually did a series of paintings with the subject being elephants in water). However, I should probably abstain, since I'm not 100 percent certain I can participate this coming month; but I will if I can.
If at all possible, I'll blog on whatever the group decides on.

JP (mom) said...

After perusing the reviews on Amazon, all three books look amazing, however, my vote is for Suite Francaise ... however, I will be quite happy to read any of these novels! much peace, JP

Jean said...

I too have not been joining so far, but I've heard an abridged version of Suite Francaise read on BBC radio and it is very special - there's been a huge fuss about it in UK: lost manuscript found 50 years after writer's death etc. For once, I think the fuss is not overblown.

Laini Taylor said...

Ooh ooh -- The Ruins! I love horror. Shoot, it looks like everyone is voting for the other two, but this one sounds the most appealing to me.

Laini Taylor said...

Ooh ooh -- The Ruins! I love horror. Shoot, it looks like everyone is voting for the other two, but this one sounds the most appealing to me.

Shannon Hopkins said...

I think Suite Francais would be my first vote, Water for Elephants my second. But I'll review whatever the group decides!

Patry Francis said...

Thank you all for your votes, and the obvious thought you've put into them! And thanks, too, for those who didn't choose, but let us know you trust the group enough to read along with whatever choice is made.

As for me, in my private heart, I have a preference, but since I chose the last two, I'm going to let you all decide this one. I'll keep this open till tomorrow, then announce so we can all start reading!

Anonymous said...

Though last month proved impossible I'd love to join in with the next one.

As to the book, Suite Francaise sounds intriguing, but my vote is for

Water for Elephants

- because I want to know in what way "the ending is absolutely ludicrous and really quite lovely" (according to the Amazon review)

Crockhead said...

So, what's our book, oh wise and kind creator of the Third Day Book Club? I need to get started. My count shows a narrow lead for Suite Francaise, but I didn't look for hanging chads.

Patry Francis said...

Amishlaw: hope you got the book!