Monday, September 12, 2005



Yikes. This is a topic my cousin, Ali, and I spent a lot of time talking about on our recent getaway: how independence--or its lack--manifests itself in every way--from outward physical appearance right down to the tenacity of the bones. Of course, we all know that to some extent. We recognize the beauty of independence when we see it. It is a straight back, an uplifted chin, a confident stride, that elusive and wonderful thing called flair. Never mind the legs; just look at the expression in Maria Sharapova's eyes!


Now in The Wall Street JournalEdvard Radzinsky has written a fascinating piece on what happened when the women of Russia broke free from age old beliefs that expressed themselves in maxims like "A chicken is not quite a bird and a woman is not quite a human being." Then were was this one: "A woman's happiness is to give; a man's happiness to receive."

According to Radzinsky the result has been a surge in national pulchritude. A generation of stunners have sprung from the wombs of their dough-faced babuschkaed forbears. Now that women are enjoying the happiness of receiving as well as giving, it's obviously a boon for the men of the society as well. Not only are they surrounded by gorgeous women, they will undoubtedly grow better looking themselves as they experience the joy of giving.

Ah yes, balance is a beautiful thing.

And speaking of the beauty of independence, check out our cat, Berlin, newly shorn of her mats and dread locks. I swear she's holding that head a little higher.



Perfect Virgo said...

Anyone who casually tosses the word "pulchritude" into a sentence deserves my undivided attention. Nice one!

'Berlin' looks simply stunning, my 'Smartie' would probably like to meet her.

Patry Francis said...

Thanks P.v. and the pulchritudinous Berlin thanks you, too.

rdl said...

Funny how we both had "lookers" in our posts; tho mine looked like she had a headache, yrs. looks like she could kick some butt.
Had to get out the dictionary on that 25 cent word and I could most definitely use some balance around here.

Patry Francis said...

Are you talking about Maria or Berlin?

rdl said...

Very funny! Hey sun in Leo is almost over, time to get serious.

robin andrea said...

I had to look up pulchritude as well.
Interesting idea about the change in women's beauty corresponding to more freedom and a national acceptance of the idea that women can also be recipients.
The cat looks great, and probably feeling better without the dreads too!

S A J Shirazi said...

Sensitive subject and beautifully written but I dare to disagree with your title here. Ya, Balance is the answer. But where is the equilibrium? That is sometime difficult to find out. No?

Patry Francis said...

R.D.: Yes, Berlin definitely feels better. She has even been more affectionate.

Shirazi: I'm not sure I know the difference between balance and equilibrium. I would love to hear more of your thoughts.

Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

What a beauty. Wanna have some beauty tips for women from her.

Anonymous said...

Berlin looks great.. As mentioned, balance is a beautiful thing. You don't have to just give and give, you also have to receive.
Being independent makes a women more beautiful because of the confidence acquired. And to boost more confidence here are some cues from women beauty tips