Monday, September 26, 2005


Dylan doc on PBS, originally uploaded by Steve Rhodes.

LIAM CLANCY to BOB DYLAN one night in a bar after about "100 pints of Guinness":

Never forget, Bob:
No fear.
No envy.
No meanness.

Me to myself after hearing that: Maybe we should all drink more Guinness.


rdl said...

OMG patti this is so weird;looking at those same words, that I wrote down on a slip of paper while watching the special,next to me here on my desk.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Yes, we should all drink more Guinness!

What a great quote. I'm taping it to my monitor.

a river said...

... and I am in the middle of watching the documentary right now ... with only a glass of red wine to call my own.

Anonymous said...

very nice quote!

you have a nice blog too!

1000 black lines said...

Here, here... more Guinness!

Anonymous said...

Good beer, great quote.

Mark Gamon said...

The same words I repeated over and over to myself to make sure I'd memorised them by the end of the programme. I'm thinking of getting me a tattoo for the first time in my life. (with a discreet credit to Liam, of course)

Patry Francis said...

Sign me up for one of those tattoos. Maybe if it was etched in my flesh, I wouldn't forget.