Monday, July 04, 2005


1. Light a sparkler. Or better yet, be a sparkler.

2. Barbecue something, maybe even a tofu hot dog.

3. Be a good citizen. Smile, let someone go in front of you in traffic, turn down the music when the neighbors are sleeping.

4. Kiss someone who loved their country enough to become a Veteran.

5. Kiss someone who loved their country enough to protest an injustice.

6. Sit in the backyard with friends and family and enjoy the day. Don't have any friends or family? Look for the house with the most cars around it, and join the party. Chances are no one will notice.

7. Celebrate water. Go to the beach. Run through a sprinkler. Conserve.

8. Do one thing to make your country a better place.

9. Improve the national literacy rate. Find a nice spot and read something.

10. Relax

11. Celebrate freedom, but don't be naive about it or ever take it for granted. The folks who brought you the 4th of July weren't and didn't.

All photographs by Ted Lukac


rdl said...

Nice! Wish we were there. Funny cause Luke & I were looking at all the parties on the way back from the beach and saying we should crash one. Happy grillin.

Roger Stevens said...

Lovely set of photoes and sentiments. Is Ted a friend?

Live8 was great. Let's hope the big eight can do something about eradicating poverty. If they can't - who can?

So - Five Things To Do on July 5th?

Patry Francis said...

Roger, Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Yes, Ted is a friend--such a good one, in fact, that I married him.

Sounds like you were at the Live8 (she says while turning a despicable shade of green.)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

What lovely photos, looks like you had fun thanks for dropping by

Patty said...

Wonderful photo essay!

Anonymous said...

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