Friday, June 03, 2005


Yesterday, I was included in Lit Blogger IV, an e-Panel which was posted on the Emerging Writer's Network. In the interview, Dan Wickett managed to wheedle the truth out of me about my split personality. (Okay, he didn't wheedle a bit, I just spilled it.) But it's true. The wine sipping, poetry loving, full-of-her-own-high-minded-ideas proprietor of this site is also the loud mouth, gum snapping waitress who serves up coffee and conversation over at I'M REALLY NOT A WAITRESS. Though how long I will keep both blogs going, I'm really not sure. As anyone who's ever tried to keep one knows, a blog is like one of those jealous boyfriends who freak if you want a night out with the girls. What? You don't want to see me today? Who is the guy? I'll break him in two...

Well, in my case, there is someone else. My alter ego. My split self. And sometimes she talks a helluva lot louder than the chick who tends the Garden. (In fact, I think her voice has slipped into this post. The Gardener who was going on about Meister Eckhart yesterday would clearly never use the word chick)for instance.

So, read the interview! Not just because it contains hidden insights into my mental health or the lack therof, but it also contains interviews with nine other bloggers, whose excellent sites you may or may not have visited.

Meanwhile, I'm blaming the waitress for coming in here, changing the template to this blog, and somehow erasing all the links I worked so hard to set up in the process!


rdl said...

Loved the interview! Blue martini's?

Grendel said...

Me too. And if you do start reviewing Ney Yorker fiction, I'll link to it from mine.

Melly said...

Read the interview. Interesting stuff and nice to meet both of you - martinis and draft :)

BTW - I tried to access I'm Really Not a Waitress but couldn't. Do I need to be a member?

Patry Francis said...

Thanks, Melly. Nice to meet you, too!

I don't know what the problem is with the links. It seems to happen fairly often on PM. But you DON'T have to be a member. If you go to the Publisher's Marketplace home page, Waitress is listed under the most visited blogs.
I hope you'll try again.