Thursday, August 14, 2008

RED SHOES...and other news

T, L, & E. at Steve Herrell's
The Fashionistas with their grandfather

I'm not much of a footwear person, but about a month ago, I got an irresistible urge for a new pair of shoes. Not just any shoes either. I wanted some tall razzle dazzle hot heels. After a lifetime of flat shoes, I was done with the laid back life. I wanted the kind of shoes that would inspire me to walk somewhere I've never been before. But since I don't shop much, I called my two favorite fashion consultants (aka granddaughters). They were all over this mission.

Together, the three of us clunked and strutted around every shoe department in town, doing our best not to sprain an ankle as we feigned sophistication. I felt like we were walking through the eras as we tried on slingbacks and platforms, skinny pointed stilettos and sexy oxfords like my grandmother wore, but with five inch killer heels. I couln't help admire the consultants' aplomb as they crossed their legs and requested another pair of shoes from an annoyed sales clerk

"Yes, I realize those shoes aren't for children," the oldest and official spokesgirl said, "But could you please bring out two pairs in the smallest size." (I'm telling you, if I only had half this girl's poise and confidence...)

When the clerks glared at me, I just threw up my hands, and winced apologetically."Do you think they could just try a couple more pairs?" With my own children, I never would have allowed such shenanigans, but with the consultants, I'm putty.

And then I found them. They were wine red. Open toed. Retro. And oh so high. After I buckled them, I stood up, put my hands on my hips and looked my 6'1" tall husband square in the eyes. "How do you like me now, baby?"

The consultants gasped in unison. "Those are the ones!"

red shoes
"The Ones"

So where have I gone in my wine red, mile high hot shoes? Well, nowhere. Instead, I've spent most of my time barefoot and on the couch. It's a life that would drive any normal person mad, but is usually quite fine with me. It's a comfortable couch for one thing, with lots of bright light, my animals around me, and a lovely family coming and going.

My magic carpet

But mainly my enforced exile from life has been fine because I've been working on a new novel. And while I've been sitting on the couch, my characters have been doing things like falling in love and traveling to Portugal and performing surgery, not to mention dealing with unbelievable treachery. And I've been doing it with them. How could I ever be bored?

But sometimes when I'm tired or not feeling well, I go to the closet and take out my glamourous shoes. And I think that anyone who owns a pair of shoes like that must have some fabulous destinations in her future. I imagine how the consultants will smile when they see me wearing them. Then they'll claim credit for making the woman I've become. And of course, they (along with the rest of my family) will be right.



* I haven't forgotten blueberry season. My friend Susan Messer and I have both baked our Literary Blues Pies, as has Diana Guerero and the Fawnskin Writers. I'll be posting on that soon, as well as on Susan's marvelous news. (Hint: the muse clearly rewards those who honor her with perfect blue pies.)

pie 2008

*And speaking of writers with brilliant muses, two people who I'm privileged to call friends saw new novels published this week. Tish Cohen's INSIDE OUT GIRL and Amy McKinnon's debut, TETHERED were both released on the twelfth. Though they are very different kinds of stories, they are both gorgeously written, and in their own ways, they both speak to the ultimate goodness of the human spirit. (Yes, I know that TETHERED deals with child murder, but trust me, this is a beautiful book.) (As for INISIDE OUT GIRL, you can check out my review on Amazon. I will say more later when I have the time and concentration to do them justice. But don't wait for me. Both these novels are undoubtedly right up front in your local book store. Check them out!

*As for me, I'm scheduled for another major surgery in the morning. So what am I doing up at nearly midnight blogging about shoes when I have to leave my house at 4:30 a.m.? Um, good question, but I never claimed to be logical. I guess I will try to get some sleep now, and the next time you hear from me, I'll probably be blogging about my hospital roommates.

P.S. Thanks to all who have continued to check in on me over the last two quiet months. I may not have written much, but you've all been in my heart.


Anonymous said...

love the shoes! it's so good to "hear" your voice again. thinking of you!

Deirdre said...

There's nothing like new pair of shoes to lift a girl's spirits. I'll be thinking of you in the morning. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are INCREDIBLE! I've never before seen a sensible (as in non-stiletto) four-inch heel, and yet there they are, sexy like the Slayer -- beautiful and tough and dangerous and classy all at once. I want to borrow your consultants!

Good to see you back, dear. And I'm delighted to hear that you're deep into another novel. Mine starts in September, I hope!

Kerstin said...

Red shoes and a new novel! I can't wait for the latter and look forward to photos of your first outing in the first! They are delicious. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow morning, Patry, keep thinking of those yummy red shoes :) Big hug, Kerstin

Dale said...


Thinking of you, dear Patry. And your shoes :-)

Sharon Hurlbut said...

I'm thinking of you, Patry, and envisioning you in those gorgeous shoes. Take care.


gayle said...

What gorgeous shoes, Patry (and what gorgeous words, as always! Such a treat to get a new post from you.) I'm sending lots of good thoughts for the surgery tomorrow and hope you'll be ready to dance in those red shoes soon.


Caroline said...

Beautiful shoes.
Thinking about you today

Anonymous said...

Your Consultants do excellent work. It's lovely hearing your voice again. I wish you luck with your surgery, and hope that you recover quickly so that you can finish your novel. I look forward to reading it, as I look forward to more blog entries. tk

musingwoman said...

Those shoes are hawt! You have great taste.

Thinking of you!

Ric said...

Ruby Slippers - You sure know how to send a message to the world.

No place like home to craft the new novel.

Damn, it's nice to see you back.

Good luck today.

Myfanwy Collins said...

Love the shoes, Patry! Hope you are home with your magic carpet very soon. Will be thinking of you!

The Life of Mel said...

Glad to hear from you!
You know, I didn't have a shoe desire this week, but I did go buy makeup. I'm a discount store shopper by thrift, but I irrationally went crazy in Sephora this week, and bought some really awesome stuff. Then, I got all dolled up. For no reason at all.

I imagined the same thing, that a girl with such makeup (and style!) has GOT to be going somewhere! It just made me feel better. I don't think it's shallow, but it's more like a costume I can put on when I want a change.

Thinking about you today and the surgery, and am excited about the new works!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear from you! And what wonderful red shoes, the magic ruby slippers! You create magic with your words here and a new novel on the way! Sending healing thoughts, blessings and hugs, Patry!

Sustenance Scout said...

The magic ruby slippers, indeed! Prayers and hugs headed your way, sweet Patry. I love this post. K.

Carleen Brice said...

Your ruby slippers will carry you back to your life and loves as surely as Dorothy's did. And can your "consultants" give lessons?! I want to be like them when I grow up!

One last thing: You can shop from your comfy sofa!

robin andrea said...

Hope the surgery went well, Patry. I've been thinking of you these past few days. I'm glad you posted a photo of these fantastic red shoes. I hope you wear them when you leave the hospital, click those heels, and say the magic words.

Wishing you the very best.

Anonymous said...

I want those shoes and love how you brought your granddaughters with you! Liar's Diary was chosen by my book club for our September read. I am so excited and widh you could have dinner with us!

Larramie said...

Slip those shoes on, Patry, and click your heels to get back to that wondrous magic carpet...STAT! ;)

LOVE Kristy's Matters of Faith, Amy's Tethered and Tish's Inside Out Girl, yet I also want to love another Patry novel.

Bill said...

stage door
the ballerina
in clunky shoes

Thanks for the tips on the books. And, as always, God bless.

Anonymous said...

"The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings."

Looking forward to much more of your talk, Patry. And to reading that new novel!

Thinking of you today.


Alexandra Saperstein said...

YOu're in my thoughts and prayers today Patry ALL DAY long. So nice to see a new post from you! Maybe you should move those shoes out of the closet and keep them out, like you would a vase, where you and these super shoes can gaze fondly at one another as you write away! Sending love and hugs your way-

Anonymous said...

Well, when you have that kind of unanimity between your consultants . . .

My best wishes for your surgery, Patry. And for your new novel.

KrisT said...

Cool shoes and fashionistas! Best wishes for the surgery, and may you have the most interesting roomies with wonderful stories to tell.

Sky said...

got the image in those luscious red shoes, in ted's arms dancing during the holidays, living the magic of the season.

we started a few days ago sending the bundles of positive energy through the mountain ranges which separate us, along the interstate as it moves across this country west to east, along the country roads with their lakes and streams, and right to your cape cod door! we are eager to hear you are fine and moving toward the dancing days! much love from us to you and ted.

leslee said...

Oh, they are beauties! You you real CFM high-heeled shoes aren't supposed to be worn standing up for long ;-)

I hope the surgery went well and your recovery is smooth and quick as possible.

(I second the recommendation)

Lisa said...

I have missed you. I wish you strength for a speedy recovery and hope you'll be home soon, dancing under the moon in red shoes.

rdl said...

I love the shoes, they are so you - and I love you. Hurry up and get well so we can go out in those shoes! I have a pair of new black ones in my closet - not quite as high waitin to step out too!

Anonymous said...

sending you well wishes as you grace another hospital staff and patients with your lovely presence . . . lucky them . . . and i can't wait to hear your tales on the other side of this latest adventure . . . :)

Anonymous said...

PS - those shoes are obviously wizard of oz updates. hope you took them with you to the hospital so that when you are ready to go home you can just click your heels :)

Anonymous said...

Good to "see you" again Patry. Sending you good vibes for a swift recovery, and bright days of novel writing (in or out of the fab-wah shoes). xo Deb

Anonymous said...

Quite the upgrade from the old black waitress shoes, Patry. Thinking of you in the hospital and hoping you'll get back home soon. May your hospital bed double as a stand in carpet ride in the meantime. Thanks for posting!

JP/deb said...

The shoes make the woman - NOT! The woman definately makes the shoes!!

Enjoy those lovely pumps & let them bring you joy.

Sending you prayers, peace and love for a successful surgery. xx, JP/deb

Jean said...

Thinking of you today and often, Patry, and sending you love and healing thoughts. I'm so glad to hear you have been writing a new novel. If it's as good as the story of your new shoes, it'll be great.

Anonymous said...

All the best with your surgery/health.

Oh, and your writing.

LitPark said...

Ha! I love the shoes, and that you're thinking of them so late at night.

I have a very good feeling about this surgery. I really do.

Love you, cutie.


paris parfait said...

Oh Patry, wishing you well as you recover from the latest surgery. The fabulousshoes are undoubtedly the ones - what clever consultants you had! Thinking of you and hoping you're soon well enough to go somewhere fun wearing THOSE SHOES! (And the new novel sounds terribly intriguing). xoxox

Anonymous said...

Sending love and blessings, good luck with the surgery. I think you did the perfect right thing buying those shoes :-).

♥ N o v a said...

Those two girls are the cutest and prettiest fashionistas ever and they sure do know how to pick the perfect shoe! Those are my totally my kind of shoes!

I got all giddy and excited when I read you're working on a new novel!! I just cannot wait!

Sending positive and healing thoughts your way.

JT Ellison said...

Bless you, honey. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Becca said...

I hope the surgery has gone well, and you're back in those ruby slippers before long :) Actually, the lovely couch looks quite fine to me!

The new novel sounds very exciting - here's to smooth sailing in the writing world!

i beati said...

delicious and oh so good for you ..sandy

i beati said...

want to hear more about the book. My grandaughter's birthday was yesterday I could not be with her so I looked at everything we do together - you have the shoes great ..

mm said...

Beautiful, beautiful shoes. Thinking of you today.

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful shoes. Sending positive thoughts your way!

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

Ohhhhh, I really dig your red shoes...I'm on the prowl for some sweet looking boots myself...but I fear that with my achy bones, I'll settle for something sensible...(nice couch by the way!)

Get well soon!

Laura (and her man Fred)

Beryl Singleton Bissell said...

You are an amazing woman, you red shoe lady you. You are in my heart and thoughts and prayers. So glad I checked in -- a bit late for your day of surgery but not by too much. May your recovery enable you to get that new book finished.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Patry,
Beautiful shoes, may you look your husband in the eyes soon. Kia kaha - Be Strong.

Aimee said...

Those shoes make me want to put on a dress just to listen to them hit the concrete as I walk around. Fabulous.

Dawn Anon said...

love the shoes and so glad to see a new post.

my thoughts have been with you.

Melanie Margaret said...

You have been in my heart too.
Oh when can we get together?
We can have a high heeel club. Maggie actually has red heeled dress up shoes someone bought her. She loves them.
We can dress all fancy and have tea!
Soon Please!

Beth said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers, Patry -- wearing those fabulous shoes! May your recovery be speedy and get you back to your novel very soon. It's great to hear from you here.

MB said...

I love the story of your shoe consultants. And I'm delighted to hear about your other writing! I'm thinking of you, dear Patry, sending wishes for quick healing and more strength than you need, that you be back in those shoes very soon... though I won't at all mind more hospital stories if you've got them to tell.

Laura Benedict said...

A new novel?! YAY! Let's hear it for inspiring shoes and consultants with excellent taste!

Love and prayers from all the Benedicts....

floots said...

best wishes for the hospital
(thinking about dates/times i realise that you will now be convalescing)
good to be reading your words again
high heels and blueburries - "these are a few of my ...) :)

Patry Francis said...

I love all these messages and I smile at each one of you. The surgery was the most difficult one so far. A few times I yelled, "the hell with two ounces of bliss; this SUCKS!" But today was a better day. I'm home, the trees are the most amazing color green--and then there were these messages from all of you, an unexpected gift.

rdl said...

Welcome Home!!! I'm so glad that you are doing better! Take it easy there and rest! Sending lots of healing thoughts. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Aha! It's all about the shoes. What a fun adventure, Patry. :)

So glad to hear about your novel progress and another yummy blueberry pie for your muse! I'm sending you good vibes, as always, for this next round of surgery and healing. Thank you for the update.

Sky said...

yippeeee - you are home, and sooner than you have made it home before! good for you!

keep us posted on how you are doing. sending many good wishes and always love. <3

Maryanne Stahl said...

it figures! I check and check and check your blog and then I go away for 10 days and you post! about shoes! and blueberries!

how delightful!

I hope your surgery went well and that we hear from you (re: your roomies or your bedpan; we read it all!)


Maryanne Stahl said...

eta: oh, just saw that you're home. a good sign, surely!

enjoy the greens--and blues--and yellows--and reds!

Anonymous said...

What professional young fashion consultants you have, there, Patry! I think I can guess where they gained that gracious poise with grumpy salesclerks...
Those shoes are fabulous!

That new novel of yours, certainly sounds intriguing. Oh - and there's your pie! I was just thinking about your blueberry pies, last week. I REALLY need to bake one of those pies! I know I've said that before - but right now I have a pint of blueberries in the fridge - maybe this year, I'll actually get one baked!

Congrats to your friends! I'll have to keep an eye out for their books..

Hope you'll soon be wearing those fabulous shoes, out on the town with your main man ;)

Anonymous said...

I read this last week but was on iffy wireless and never commented. I can't stop thinking about those shoes and you in them going out on the town. I got a pair of splashy shoes too, at a thrift shop recently, made in Italy! It was after I saw yours. I don't even know if I'll ever be brave enough to wear them but I like trying them on and they make me feel tall!

Life is a contagion! Spread good love and shoes.

Tish Cohen said...

You're too darling, with your shoes. They're gorgeous and so are you.

So sorry I haven't stopped by, I had no idea you were blogging. But thanks for the mention...

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