Monday, October 30, 2006


Jeepers. I just start my new, convenient blogging schedule and I'm already off track. I missed my Saturday post because of a wind storm
that left us without power all day; and then on Sunday, it was Jake and
Laura's annual oyster and champagne party so I never got around to my
Sunday scribbling.

But that's okay. While I fell behind, some more great links accumulated in the comment suggestion. I love that you didn't limit yourselves to blog posts. We have a film trailor, and a couple of book recommendations in the mix, too.


Peter reminded us of the quiet resonance frequently found in Steve's writing over at On the Slow Train. His latest piece on Writer's Envy particularly hit home for me.

Blue Poppy left a great link that will inspire Scrabble aficionados everywhere. (Are you around, Colleen?) And she also got me excited about
Pan's Labyrinth, the haunting fairy tale by Guillermo del Toro that will be released as a film in December.

In the book department: Anne Bauer is reading Julie Orringer's dazzling collection of short stories, How to Breathe Underwater, and thinks that if you haven't checked Orringer out, maybe you should. I agree.

And Sara recommended The Artist's Handbook, which should be particularly helpful to those of us planning to MakeArtEveryDay in November. I ordered my copy this afternoon.

In the "unique concept for a blog" category, Carmen directs us to a site that prints the kind of tongue in cheek reviews that Amazon won't.

And since both Zhoen and I are doing a Ten Things day on our blogs, she pointed me to Ten Things We Didn't Know Last Week.


Anonymous said...

The Artist's Handbook looks great. I'm saving my quarters.

--Heather Elise

Sustenance Scout said...

Patry, thanks for reminding me of Steve's blog. It's another treasure of the blogosphere. K.

Patry Francis said...

Heather: Maybe you'll be inspired to sign up for MakeArtEVeryDay!!!

K: I'm glad that more readers are discovering Slow Train.

Crockhead said...

Thanks for turning me on to Steve's blog, particularly when I see that he is writing from only 50 miles away.

rdl said...

Love scrabble - got Luke trying to beat me now!

gerry rosser said...

Thanks for the links, I always enjoy them.

I finished Half of a Yellow Sun, now what am I supposed to do, be prepared to review?

herhimnbryn said...

Loads of lovely links. Thankyou pf.

Leah said...

love the bird in your art!

Patry Francis said...

amishlaw: How great that you're only 50 miles from Steve--and both members of the Third Day Book Club, too!

r: I haven't played scrabble in years. I think I"m afraid of my addictive personality. Once I start, I may get even less writing done.

gerry: I'm done too! Now we just have to get ready to share our thoughts on the third.

herhimnbryn: I have only the most discriminating readers...

kat: What I'm really good at, artwise, is appreciating other people's work. I got that image from Flickr; if you click on it, you will see lots more of this artist's interesting work. As for me, I'm still a kindergarten artist. Can't wait till November so I can jump in and play!

Anonymous said...

Did someone over here say SCRABBLE?!

Happily, I have readers who send me Scrabble news and so I saw that amazing story. I was proud to know the whiz players were from Massachusetts and that they were outside the Scrabble Tournamnet elite.

I love the order you're creating, Patsy...even with an occasional wind storm in the mix.

Sarah Salway said...

Great links, Patry. Thanks. That pic's beautiful.