Saturday, August 06, 2005


In many ways, August is the sweetest month. It is clear that summer will end and soon. Children will give up their formless days and return to the structure of school. But not yet.

The deck where you have watched the birds while sipping your morning coffee, or drank in a sunset with your glass of wine will grow chill and drive you inside. But not today. Not while August lingers.

The trees that have cossetted you, enclosing you from the outside world with their abundant green will give up their protection as they grow spare. The beaches will return to their lonely whiteness, your body to its winter pallor. But not now. Not yet.

And it is the not yet that lends the waning days of August their particular sweetness. That reminds us to walk outside and see it. Taste it. Inhale it. Because like our own life, it will end. But not yet.


Shevonne & Nellie

Berlin on the Deck with Geraniums



All Photos (except Nellie and Shevonne) by Ted Lukac


Perfect Virgo said...

"Just a little longer please..." we all hope for more yet there can be no more. August must end to make way for its sucessors. Life must end to make way for descendents.

The beauty of August is that, with luck, it will return next year.

Patry Francis said...

Beautifully said as always, p.v.

gulnaz said...

i find the way seasons change into another beautiful and you have described it so warmly too, thanks!
love p.v's words too, am going to add him to my links.

Patty said...

Beautiful post. You have the heart of a poet. And gorgeous photos.

Martian Anthropologist said...

I like this entry; very poetic. For me, August whispers, "Just a little longer; Autumn is coming." October is my favorite month.

Thanks for your comment on my blog today.

rdl said...

Yup, not yet... the Leo mantra, just one more dance, etc,etc.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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